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nl Sint-Elmusvuur
  een meteorologisch fenomeen dat speciaal optreedt bij onweer en veroorzaakt wordt door elektrische ontladingen aan masten en objecten met scherpe punten.
de Elmsfeuer Bezeichnung für Entladungen, die bei gewittrigen Wetterlagen auftreten und durch elektrische Entladungen an Masten und spitzen Gegenständen verursacht wird.
en St. Elmo's fire a meteorological phenomenon that occurs on objects, especially pointed ones like masts and yards, when the electrical field potential strength reaches about one thousand volts per centimetre. It can therefore be perceived in thunderstorms when luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge originating from a grounded object as for instance a ship that travels in an atmospheric electric field.
fr feu Saint-Elme  
es fuego de San Telmo  
it fuoco di Sant'Elmo  
dk Sct. Elmsild      
se St. Elms eld      
  "All the yardarms were tipped with a pallid fire, and touched at each tri-potential lightning rod with three tapering white flames, each of the three tall masts was silently burning in that sulphurous air, like gigantic wax tapers before an altar....in all my voyagings seldom have I heard a common oath when God's burning finger has been laid on the ship..." (John Melville, Moby Dick)