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nl mist
  slecht zicht door kleine waterdruppeltjes in de lucht, die ontstaat door afkoeling van de met water verzadigde lucht, zodat het overtollige water condenseert. Mist ontstaat vooral over het water, doorda thet overdag in de zon verdampte water 's nachts door afkoeling condenseert. Men onderscheidt hoge, bodem-, zee-, en stralings-mist.
de Nebel Sichtbehinderung durch kleine Wassertröpfchen in der Luft, die durch Abkühlung der wassergesättigten Luft entsteht, so daß das überschüssige Wasser kondensiert. Nebel entsteht insbesondere über dem Wasser, indem das tagsüber in der Sonne verdunstende Wasser nachts durch Abkühlung kondensiert. Man unterscheidet zwischen Hoch-, Boden-, See- und Strahlungsnebel.
en fog
A visible accumulation of tiny droplets of water, formed by condensation of water vapor in the air, with the base at the surface of the earth. It reduces visibility below 1 kilometer (0.54 nautical mile).
- advection fog: a fog that is primarily the result of movement of air over a surface of lower temperature;
- radiation fog: a fog that is primarily the result of cooling of the surface of the earth and the adjacent layer of atmosphere by radiational cooling;
- monsoon fog: an advection fog occurring as monsoon circulation transports warm moist air over a colder surface;
- ground fog: a fog that hides less than six-tenths of the sky, and does not extend to the base of any clouds;
- sea fog: a fog formed at sea, usually when air from a warm-water surface moves to a cold-water surface;
- steam fog/steam mist/frost smoke/sea smoke/arctic sea smoke/arctic smoke/water smoke: a fog produced by apparent steaming of a relatively warm sea in the presence of very cold air;
ice fog: fog composed of suspended particles of ice, partly ice crystals 20 to 100 microns in diameter but chiefly, especially when dense, droxtals 12 to 20 microns in diameter;
- mock fog: a rare simulation of true fog by anomalous atmospheric refraction;
- dry fog: a fog that does not moisten exposed surfaces;
mist: a drizzle-like aggregate of very small water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. Intermediate in all respects between haze and fog, it produces a thin, grayish veil over the landscape. With a relative humidity of often less than 95% it reduces visibility to a lesser extent than fog.
fr brouillard
es bruma
it nebbia
  Condensazione del vapore acqueo a livello del suolo, è a tutti gli effetti una nuvola molto bassa. Da non confondersi con la foschia.  
dk tåge      
se tjocka